Cutting Board Oil Applicator

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The Cutting Board Oil Applicator is a mess-free and convenient tool designed to apply oil and conditioner to butcher blocks and cutting boards.
Some benefits of using a cutting board oil applicator include saving time and seasoning products, avoiding mess and wasted products, and having a convenient cap for mess-free storage and sponge protection.

Ergonomic Design and Quality Materials

The ergonomic handle of the cutting board oil applicator is made from American black walnut, which provides a comfortable grip and a beautiful appearance.

How to use the cutting board oil applicator:

  1. Wash the board by hand, towel dry, and let it air dry upright.
  2. Apply the cutting board oil or conditioner to the board using the applicator sponge. Be sure to cover all sides.
  3. Let the product sit for 15 minutes before wiping off any excess, or let it sit overnight.
  4. Oil the board regularly at least once a month to maintain health and appearance.

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