Why a Wood Cutting Board Is the Best Real Estate Closing Gift?

Real Estate Closing Gift

Wooden cutting boards are gaining popularity as the perfect closing gift for real estate clients. When it comes to closing gifts for buyers, it's important to choose something that not only shows appreciation but also leaves a lasting impression.

A high-quality wooden cutting board can do just that. Not only is it a practical gift that your client can use for years to come, but it also shows that you took the time to choose something thoughtful and useful. By giving a wooden cutting board as a closing gift, you can help your client remember you and keep you top of mind for future referrals. 

In this article, we'll explore why a wood cutting board is the perfect real estate agent closing gift.

The Benefits of a Wood Cutting Board

As a real estate agent, you understand the importance of building strong relationships with your clients. One way to make a lasting impression is by providing personalized gifts. A wood cutting board may not seem like an obvious choice, but it can be a great closing gift for buyers and sellers alike. Not only is it a useful kitchen tool, but it also has a variety of benefits over other materials. Here are some reasons why a wood cutting board is a great choice for a personalized realtor closing gift.


If you're looking for a durable and practical gift to give your client on closing day, a wood cutting board is a perfect fit. Wood cutting boards are highly durable and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use in the kitchen. Here are some reasons why:

  • Wood is a natural, resilient material that can absorb the impact of sharp knives without dulling them.

  • Unlike plastic cutting boards, which can scratch and score over time, wood cutting boards tend to self-heal, with small cuts and nicks closing up on their own.

  • Wood has natural antimicrobial properties that make it less prone to bacterial growth than other materials.

There are different types of woods used to make cutting boards, including maple, cherry, walnut, and bamboo. Each type of wood has its unique qualities, but all are highly durable and long-lasting. When properly cared for, a wood cutting board can last for many years, making it a great gift for anyone who loves to cook.

A wood cutting board is also a unique gift that can be added to a gift basket or given on its own. It's a great way to show your appreciation to your client and give them something that they can use and enjoy for years to come.


In the real estate business, giving a thoughtful and practical gift to clients can leave a lasting impression and foster positive relationships. That's why wood cutting boards can make the perfect branded gift. Not only are they functional and stylish, but they are also very safe to use and easy to clean.

Wood cutting boards have natural antimicrobial properties that make them hygienic for food preparation. They also don't dull knives as quickly as plastic or glass cutting boards, which can lead to dangerous slips and cuts. To clean a wood cutting board, simply wash it with soap and water, and occasionally oil it to prevent drying and cracking.


Not just for carving and meat cutting, cutting boards, especially wooden ones, can be used for serving cheese, fruits, and vegetables. They are also great for chopping herbs, nuts, and other ingredients. They can be used to prepare food in the kitchen and then serve it directly on them at the dinner table.

If you happen to discover that your client loves to make bbq or to smoke ribs or briskets, this will be the perfect gift you can give them. Many real estate agents tend to forget the meaning of connection. While you are in the business of helping clients on selling and buy homes, you can also be a bit personal and target their interests such as grilling and smoking. This will serve as a thoughtful gift that will not only help them enjoy their hobby but also be able to connect with you more.

Aesthetic Appeal 

Unlike other personalized closing gifts such as rags, welcome mats, and others. Wooden cutting boards offer functionality and aesthetics. Compared to plastic or wooden boards, wood types are naturally beautiful and have a natural appeal. When not in use, they can simply hang it in their kitchen or place on a table to make it look more appealing.


Now, if you know that your client is an eco-friendly person, then this gift will be perfect for them. As we know, wood is a renewable resource that can be harvested from the forests and used to make different products.

Here at Mevell, we offer wooden cutting boards made from different woods that are eco-friendly and have a beautiful natural appeal. Our wooden boards are handcrafted and free of any harmful chemicals or paints making them safe to use in your kitchen.

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Glass, metal, or plastic, all these materials can dull your knives. This means that you will have to replace and throw away your old ones more often than not. But with wood material, this is not the case. Wood cutting boards make a good addition to any home, especially for those who love cooking and value their knives.

Personalization and Customization

Personalized cutting board for real estate closing giftAnother reason why cutting boards, especially wood ones, make a unique closing gift is that they can be personalized. You can personalize the cutting board with a special message or quote that is meaningful to your client. You could even add their name to it to make it more personal. This will make them feel special and important. They will appreciate the time and effort you put into making their gift special, which is exactly what you want to do in order to leave a lasting impression on them.

Unlike gift cards or a gift certificate to a local business, a personalized cutting board will be something that they can use for years to come. They will think of you whenever they use it in the kitchen or take it out on the patio. This is why giving a personalized gift like this is so much better than giving someone else’s business card or just writing your name on a piece of paper.

Additional Personalization Options

Symbolism and Significance

A personalized wood cutting board can be rich with symbolism and significance. It can feature the client's initials or family name, a special quote or phrase, or even an image that holds special meaning. Each time the client uses the cutting board, they'll be reminded of the special connection they have with the gift and the giver.

Home Ownership

A wood cutting board is a classic symbol of home ownership. It represents the warmth and comfort of home-cooked meals and the pride of preparing food for loved ones. Giving a personalized cutting board as a housewarming gift can be a thoughtful gesture to help a new homeowner start their new journey with something special.


A personalized cutting board can also be a great conversation starter when entertaining guests. Whether it's used as a serving tray or a charcuterie board, the unique design and personalization can be a great ice breaker and add a touch of elegance to any gathering.

Creating Memories

A personalized wood cutting board can also be a cherished family heirloom. As the years go by, it can be passed down through generations and hold a special place in family memories. Each time it's used, it can bring back memories of past family gatherings and special moments.

Traditional and Timeless

Wood cutting boards have been used for centuries and are a timeless kitchen essential. They are durable and long-lasting, making them a practical and traditional gift that will be appreciated for years to come. The classic and elegant design of a wood cutting board never goes out of style, making it a perfect gift for any occasion.

How to Choose the Perfect Wood Cutting Board

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Now that you know the benefits of a wood cutting board, here are some things to consider when choosing the perfect one as a gift for your clients:

  • Type of Wood: As mentioned earlier, different woods have different characteristics. Consider what type of wood would best fit your client's needs and preferences.
  • Size and Thickness: Think about how your client will use the cutting board. A larger board is great for cutting larger items, while a smaller board is more portable. Thickness can also affect durability and stability.
  • Design: Wood cutting boards come in a variety of designs, from classic to modern. Consider your client's style and what would fit best in their kitchen.
  • Care and Maintenance: Make sure to include care instructions with the gift, so your client knows how to properly care for their new cutting board. Make sure they know not to put it in the dishwasher or leave it to soak in water.

A wood cutting board can make for one of the best closing gift ideas for your clients. Consider presenting it in a gift box or with other closing gifts for sellers to make a truly memorable impression.


In conclusion, a wood cutting board is a great gift for a client because it is durable, versatile, and adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen. It also has natural antimicrobial properties, making it a great choice for food safety.

The significance of a wood cutting board as a real estate closing gift is that it shows your clients that you care about their well-being and are invested in their happiness. It can also help create a memorable closing experience that they will cherish for years to come.

While there are many real estate closing gift ideas out there, a wood cutting board is a practical and thoughtful choice. Consider presenting it in a closing gift basket with other estate closing gifts for buyers, such as a cookbook or gourmet food items. With the right care and maintenance, a wood cutting board can last a lifetime and serve as a reminder of your exceptional service as a real estate agent.

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