Cutting Board Oil and Conditioner

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Used together, these two products provide the highest protection on the market for quality wood kitchen surfaces. 

OIL hydrates and seals the wood deeply.

-Exceptional absorption rate: seals deeper and faster than competitors 

- Made with FDA- and NSF-certifiedfood-grade mineral oil 

-Non-toxic and odourless

-No additives or allergens (like nuts or gluten) 

CONDITIONER protects and seals the surface, keeping mineral oil in and unwanted liquids out.

- Cream-like consistency for ease of application 

- Made withUSP Food-Grade mineral oil and natural beeswax 

Mevell’s Oil and Mevell’s Cutting Board Conditioner can be used separately…but used together as a system, they provide maximum effectiveness for years of clean, beautiful gleaming wood surfaces.

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